Virdainas = Žodynas

The Sūdovian Language belongs to the Baltic Branch of Indo-European Languages. Currently, Lithuanian, Polish, and Belarusian have replaced the native Sūdovian ( also spoken by Yatvings ) as the predominant languages of Sūduva

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Pajevonys Sūduva

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JOTVINGIAI /  ᛁᛅᛏᚢᛁᚴᛋ ᚱᚢᛋᛋᚠᚢᛚᚴ

The ULFBERHT type "Y" sword, found 5.5 km. from Old Grodno. Specific embedded inlay symbols [ C + Ͻ ] in the blade link it to a sword from Stavne, near Trondheim Norway, and a sword from the Rapola Matomäki cemetery in Finland - and one from Limerick, Ireland ( #1864, 1-27 3 in the British Museum  ).
The Grodno [ C + Ͻ ] Ulfberht
 Type Y Sword


Senasis Pajevonys


in memory of Jeannette DeBusk Cox ~


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